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Tool Bag

My tool bag is basically my "80%", usually had everything I need to do my job. I carry mostly maintenance tools, but I swap things in and out depending on the jobs I have that day or the site I'm sent to.

Screw Drivers

Felo slimline screwdrivers
Really comfortable to use, I have tried other brands and these definitely feel the best to me.
Bit Screwdriver
Bought from Jaycar, goes with the red bit set to get into equipment with non-standard screws.
Large Flat Blade
Useful to get bungs out of PDL600 series gear without damaging the plastic. Also doubles as a pry bar.

Hand Tools 1

Wiha Sidecutter
Kind of blunt at the moment, planning on replacing with a high leverage side cutter.
Wiha Pliers
Wiha Long Pliers

Hand Tools 2

Bizline Wire Stripper
I think this is a Felo, just rebranded. Makes wire terminations really simple.
Ferrule Crimper
Bought from J A Russel, doesn't crimp that well anymore, I'm looking at getting a hexagonal crimper soon.
Cabac Cable Stripper
Has a spring loaded blade that allows you to ringbark the cable then run the blade along to easily strip the outer sheath.
Stanley 99E Knife
What a classic. Spare brades in the handle.
Flush Cutters
Bought from Jaycar. These are exclusively used to cut cable ties, giving a really smooth finish.

Hand Tools 3

Vise-Grip Cable Stripper
Great tool for stripping TPS cable.
PVC Pipe Cutter
Bought from J A Russel, ratcheting and rocking the blade cuts through pipe easily.
Air Line Cutter
Bought from Trade tool, great for getting a straight cut on nylon airline without crushing, thus potentially causing a leak from the deformed tube.
Parrot Nose Cutters
Cutting cables too big for the sidies. A ratcheting cutter would be a nice but expensive step up.

Hand Tools 4

Felo Mini Socket Set
One of the first tools I bought. Most of the work I do doesn't justify bringing a larger socket set, so this really helps save on weight and space.
Bahco Reversible Adjustable Spanner
8", can flip the jaw to grab on to pipe.
Bahco Slim Jaw Adjustable Spanner
Great tool when dealing with glands, especially steel wire armour glands.
Klein Multi Jaw Crimper
Lots of different jaws in the bag, I leave it on insulated crimps as that is the most common thing I use the crimper for.

Hand Tools 5

Bit Set
Bought from Jaycar. Has everything I need and a little more, the security Torx bits have been the most useful.
Fuller Allen Keys
Metric set, I have an imperial set but have rarely had to use it.

Hand Tools 6

Kemelon Tape Measure
Goes out to about 2m before snapping.
Dewalt Minature Level
Took out the rotating angle part, as it didn't allow the level to sit flush against anything.

Multi Meters

Fluke 179
Standard electrical multi meter (though the 87V looks nice...) Bought this from my trades man at the time for a good price.
Fluke T5-600
Mainly use this for domestic work, or when I actually use my toolbelt. Tried the T6, this is cheaper and far more reliable.


Cable ties
Insulation tape
Thread tape
Spare knife blades
Insulated screw connectors
Magnetic grabber
You only drop stuff where you can't pick it up easily, this is for the grates and sumps I have to work with, as well as assisting with cable pulls.
Saftey glasses
I keep a scratched up pair in my bag, better to have them than lose an eye.